Oh relationships. They are like knives stabbing your heart. Relationships are something you can have if you are mentally and emotionally fine. If you have so many problems or super busy all the time, I wouldn’t suggest to be in a relationship. Being in a relationship takes a lot of patients and trust, so if you do not have both these qualities then do not hurt yourself in being in a relationship.

Relationships is about being with someone who makes you happy. This person loves to make you smile and loves you for you. It is not someone who enjoys hitting you. It is not someone who does not care about your feelings. It is not someone who abandons you when you are sad. You might think that “play fighting” is “goals”, but it  is not. Play fighting leads to actually fighting, which will soon lead into domestic violence. You should never feel safe in the arms of someone who only loves you in certain periods of the day. You should be with someone who will want you at all times. Being self confident is amazing, but never bring it to the level were you become conceited, because your partner will feel some type of way. Love yourself, but love your partner too.

Having trust in your partner is a must! You should not get upset because your partner has male/female friends. If you know that your partner is the right person for you, then you should not worry. It is okay to have space with your partner, because you will never get bored or tired of your relationship. It is okay to explore by yourself to free the mind. Do not be in a relationship if arguing is the only you do in your relationship. Try and be independent, because not all relationships last.

You should never be with someone who talks to multiple people the way they talk to you. There are many people out there in the world who can see the beauty your partner does not. Second chances are okay, but a third chance? I don’t think so. Have self value. Do not be scared to start all over. Sometimes we have to go through certain relationships to learn how to be in others. Be a risk taker.

Be with someone who enjoys taking you out publicly and with someone who enjoys dates. Hooking up with someone and not defining the relationship will tear you apart. No one should feel like they are being used for pleasure. Be confident and say no. Live your life with friends who love you. Do not drink your nights away to avoid the pain. Stand up for yourself and put an end to the hurt. Do not commit yourself to someone who is not committed to you.

Do not ever feel like no one wants you. Maybe you have not met the one who is meant for you. Be patient and stay happy, because good things will come. Be prepared for the best and stay around positive vibes.





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