Problems of Young People.


We reach to the teenage years and suddenly our whole lives change. We either become good or bad. We decide what the future holds for us. Life as a teen gets challenging when we enter high school. Either your friends change or you change. High school causes us stress and we do bad and wrong things because of peer pressure. During the three years that I have attended high school, I have never been peer pressured to do drugs, drink, smoke, or party. These things are probably things that you would like to experience. I’m not going to lie, but I would also like to experience these things at least once, because I feel that us teenagers go through phases that our parents will never understand. Our parents think that they are the only ones who have to live with troubles and worries, but so do we. We are constantly being shamed for who we might be. Being judged by multiple people is difficult, because we then start to allow our minds to believe that something is wrong with us.

Something I hate the most is when people say that I am “anti-social” or have an “attitude”. For starters I am not “anti-social”, I am friends with plenty of people who do not go to the same school I do. Second, just because I defend myself does not mean that I have an “attitude”. I am not going to apologize for being picky about who I hang out with, because I do not want to waste my time and energy in developing a friendship with someone who is not worth the time. I am so tired of being hurt by friends and I am pretty sure that many people can relate to this feeling. Do not say hurtful words to someone and not expect that person to say something back even if you may get offended. I do not understand why people think that it is okay to be so hurtful towards an innocent human being for no reason. Our world is already slowly being destroyed by the ignorance of humans, I do not think that we should waste our youth hurting feelings and destroying confidence and happiness.This year in high school, I feel like I am on my own.

The one thing that I hate about myself is that when someone becomes important to me, I am all about them. I love hard and in the end I always manage to get hurt. I know that I have this problem, so I try not to be open and attach myself to anyone. Hopefully I can control this when I become much older and start living life in the real world, but for now this is how I feel.




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