This Is For You.




For all the couples out there, do not forget about your friends. Being too self involved with your pattern will break friendships and you might just become anti-social. Sometimes being too self involved in a relationship might make the breakup much painful than you would expect.

For all the singles out there, do not worry. Many people believe that being single is a bad thing, but I see it as the most amazing part of life. You are allowed to do what ever you want without having or creating drama with a love interest. You get to experience life and learn how to be independent.

I know many people who cannot live without a love interest by their side. To me it is sad, because one day that person will not be there for you. People change and so do feelings, and that is one of the reasons that it is hard for me to interact with someone. Never feel like you should be tied up to one person, because you are worth so much as an individual.




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