London Fashion Week

London Fashion week was just as great as New York Fashion week. So many beautiful fashion shows and so many creative street style, which is my favorite part of fashion week. The Burberry fashion show was one of my favorites. Look 77 was my favorite one. The model was wearing a dress that was half lace and half ruffles. I personally am not a fan of ruffles, but Burberry made it work! Christopher Kane is one of my favorite designers and I loved look 27. The midi dress was like an iridescent color and I even loved the shoes that the model wore the dress with. Erdem used the most beautiful and exquisite patterns on their clothing. Look 31 was a dress with a blue pattern up to the legs. The models have headed off to Milan for Milan fashion week. We can never get enough of fashion week.

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Whose ready for Milan Fashion Week?




New York Fashion Week

This New York fashion week was obviously amazing, filled with unique street styles that I wish I can one day be apart of. Marc Jacobs, fall-winter 2017/18, fashion collection was something I did not expect. The hats were a wow factor that made the fashion line different. When I saw the fashion show, I got a New York Hip Hop vibe. Hip Hop never goes out of fashion! My favorite style was style number 2, which was the yellow and brown plaid jacket with a bit of fur. The model was wearing a romper or mini dress, that seems to be made of silk. Loved it!

The Oscar de la Renta fashion show was also one of my favorites. I loved the second look, which was a jumpsuit that has a bronzish yellow flower in the chest area. I also liked the last look, which was a black dress that slanted on one side.

I also love designers like Naeem Khan, 3.1 Philip Lim, Alicia + Olivia, Camilla and Marc, and Marchesa. I can keep going on and on about fashion.

The Michael Kors Collection definitely touched my heart, considering the fact that Ashley Graham walked down the runway as the first plus size model to walk down a runway, where you usually see the same body type. The Philip Plein fashion show caused controversy between fashion designer Alexander Wang and fashion designer Philip Plein, because Philip Plein copied Alexander Wangs fashion show from 2007. I saw both Alexander’s fashion show from 2007 and Philip Plein’s fashion show from 2017, and I hate to say this but they are very similar to each other.

My absolute favorite part of New York Fashion Week is when designers and models took some time off their busy schedule to make one big video saying that they are immigrants for W Magazine. Believe it or not, the fashion industry consists of many immigrants who have made the fashion industry as big as it is today.

What is your favorite part of New York Fashion Week?





Our country has changed so much in these past weeks, and I am not saying this in a good way. This country is made up of immigrants, how can our own president want to ban certain countries from entering the place we call home? It feels like we are starting back to square 1. Our president does not accept the LGBT community, is a sexist, and supports abortion. These are red flags in which we have to take action to restore the unity that has been destroyed.

For years, it took male and female to be themselves as gay human beings. To me, being gay is a beautiful thing, because I see two people who truly love each other for who they are not for what people want them to be.

All male and female must become feminists, so that we can finally live in a world where men and women are treated equally. Women can do just as much as a man, and us women can do things better than men if that is the case. We tend to forget that if men and women come together, we would be living in a world of love, happiness, and acceptance.

I understand that abortion is a sad experience some women have to encounter, but would you want to bring a child into the world knowing that it may suffer ? That is why planned parenthood is the way to go. Abortion is such a big controversy, but if we do not get abortion legal, we would be hurting all women across the world. If we do not keep abortion legal, many women will get unsafe abortions that could lead to death. This is something people do not think about.

We MUST STOP being ignorant towards people who are muslim. When people naturally assume a muslim person has a bomb, that is beyond hurtful and maybe because people assume they are bad people is why they hate us. STOP ! We are supposed to be helping people who are in Iraq or Pakistan, because living and being an American is about helping our brothers and sisters all around the world, not make them scared of us and make them feel unsafe.

Make the right the choices. The future is in your hands.