Malala Fund


At such a young age, I always wanted to help and volunteer as much as I can in many different organizations. It is important to me and many people around the world to be able to provide help and service to those in need. It is sad when children and young adults do not take enough advantage of obtaining a good education. Malala loved going to school, but unfortunately suffered an attack because she went to school. She was shot in the head, neck, and shoulder. She miraculously survived and then created her foundation. There are many girls around the world that are not allowed to go to school and are limited to education. For this reason, I started my own fundraiser to change someone’s life for the better and you should join me too!


I am selling shirts from 1/22/2017 until 2/11/2017 11:59 p.m. All the money will go to Malala Fund.


If you do not want a t-shirt, or would like to donate money, you can help by donating to the available link.




“Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality.” – Malala Yousafzai



Resolution for 2017.

I have always been a person who once had it all, but all was taken away. When I was a child I lived a happy life with two parents who loved each other and my older sister, who now is the only person I can say is my best friend. The motto was always “family comes first”, and we were very united with God. When I was a baby, I lived in my very own home, then moved into a two family house with my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and then moved into another two family house, but that time I lived on the first floor, which means that my apartment was much bigger. I was such a happy child who forgave the mistakes of others and just tried to spread positivity, but one day my whole life turned for the worst.

I moved out of one of the best places I had ever lived in. After moving into a small apartment in a bad area, my parents separated and it destroyed my mother. I was starting high school, but I felt like I was on my own. I felt like I did not have a mother for a year. My sister was the only one who was working while going to school and was the only person who gave me money when I needed.

The happy girl that I once was had vanished. I did not care about anything or anyone. In all honesty I was jealous of some of the people I hung out with because they had everything, while I had nothing.

In the year of 2017, I want to become that happy positive girl I once was. I want to be able to be happy for those around me when they accomplish something amazing in their life. I want to be there for others and not judge. I want to be the social girl I used to be. I want to be able to forgive like before.

I want to be me.

What is your resolution?