London Fashion Week

London Fashion week was just as great as New York Fashion week. So many beautiful fashion shows and so many creative street style, which is my favorite part of fashion week. The Burberry fashion show was one of my favorites. Look 77 was my favorite one. The model was wearing a dress that was half lace and half ruffles. I personally am not a fan of ruffles, but Burberry made it work! Christopher Kane is one of my favorite designers and I loved look 27. The midi dress was like an iridescent color and I even loved the shoes that the model wore the dress with. Erdem used the most beautiful and exquisite patterns on their clothing. Look 31 was a dress with a blue pattern up to the legs. The models have headed off to Milan for Milan fashion week. We can never get enough of fashion week.

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Whose ready for Milan Fashion Week?




New York Fashion Week

This New York fashion week was obviously amazing, filled with unique street styles that I wish I can one day be apart of. Marc Jacobs, fall-winter 2017/18, fashion collection was something I did not expect. The hats were a wow factor that made the fashion line different. When I saw the fashion show, I got a New York Hip Hop vibe. Hip Hop never goes out of fashion! My favorite style was style number 2, which was the yellow and brown plaid jacket with a bit of fur. The model was wearing a romper or mini dress, that seems to be made of silk. Loved it!

The Oscar de la Renta fashion show was also one of my favorites. I loved the second look, which was a jumpsuit that has a bronzish yellow flower in the chest area. I also liked the last look, which was a black dress that slanted on one side.

I also love designers like Naeem Khan, 3.1 Philip Lim, Alicia + Olivia, Camilla and Marc, and Marchesa. I can keep going on and on about fashion.

The Michael Kors Collection definitely touched my heart, considering the fact that Ashley Graham walked down the runway as the first plus size model to walk down a runway, where you usually see the same body type. The Philip Plein fashion show caused controversy between fashion designer Alexander Wang and fashion designer Philip Plein, because Philip Plein copied Alexander Wangs fashion show from 2007. I saw both Alexander’s fashion show from 2007 and Philip Plein’s fashion show from 2017, and I hate to say this but they are very similar to each other.

My absolute favorite part of New York Fashion Week is when designers and models took some time off their busy schedule to make one big video saying that they are immigrants for W Magazine. Believe it or not, the fashion industry consists of many immigrants who have made the fashion industry as big as it is today.

What is your favorite part of New York Fashion Week?





Our country has changed so much in these past weeks, and I am not saying this in a good way. This country is made up of immigrants, how can our own president want to ban certain countries from entering the place we call home? It feels like we are starting back to square 1. Our president does not accept the LGBT community, is a sexist, and supports abortion. These are red flags in which we have to take action to restore the unity that has been destroyed.

For years, it took male and female to be themselves as gay human beings. To me, being gay is a beautiful thing, because I see two people who truly love each other for who they are not for what people want them to be.

All male and female must become feminists, so that we can finally live in a world where men and women are treated equally. Women can do just as much as a man, and us women can do things better than men if that is the case. We tend to forget that if men and women come together, we would be living in a world of love, happiness, and acceptance.

I understand that abortion is a sad experience some women have to encounter, but would you want to bring a child into the world knowing that it may suffer ? That is why planned parenthood is the way to go. Abortion is such a big controversy, but if we do not get abortion legal, we would be hurting all women across the world. If we do not keep abortion legal, many women will get unsafe abortions that could lead to death. This is something people do not think about.

We MUST STOP being ignorant towards people who are muslim. When people naturally assume a muslim person has a bomb, that is beyond hurtful and maybe because people assume they are bad people is why they hate us. STOP ! We are supposed to be helping people who are in Iraq or Pakistan, because living and being an American is about helping our brothers and sisters all around the world, not make them scared of us and make them feel unsafe.

Make the right the choices. The future is in your hands.



Malala Fund


At such a young age, I always wanted to help and volunteer as much as I can in many different organizations. It is important to me and many people around the world to be able to provide help and service to those in need. It is sad when children and young adults do not take enough advantage of obtaining a good education. Malala loved going to school, but unfortunately suffered an attack because she went to school. She was shot in the head, neck, and shoulder. She miraculously survived and then created her foundation. There are many girls around the world that are not allowed to go to school and are limited to education. For this reason, I started my own fundraiser to change someone’s life for the better and you should join me too!


I am selling shirts from 1/22/2017 until 2/11/2017 11:59 p.m. All the money will go to Malala Fund.


If you do not want a t-shirt, or would like to donate money, you can help by donating to the available link.




“Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality.” – Malala Yousafzai


Resolution for 2017.

I have always been a person who once had it all, but all was taken away. When I was a child I lived a happy life with two parents who loved each other and my older sister, who now is the only person I can say is my best friend. The motto was always “family comes first”, and we were very united with God. When I was a baby, I lived in my very own home, then moved into a two family house with my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and then moved into another two family house, but that time I lived on the first floor, which means that my apartment was much bigger. I was such a happy child who forgave the mistakes of others and just tried to spread positivity, but one day my whole life turned for the worst.

I moved out of one of the best places I had ever lived in. After moving into a small apartment in a bad area, my parents separated and it destroyed my mother. I was starting high school, but I felt like I was on my own. I felt like I did not have a mother for a year. My sister was the only one who was working while going to school and was the only person who gave me money when I needed.

The happy girl that I once was had vanished. I did not care about anything or anyone. In all honesty I was jealous of some of the people I hung out with because they had everything, while I had nothing.

In the year of 2017, I want to become that happy positive girl I once was. I want to be able to be happy for those around me when they accomplish something amazing in their life. I want to be there for others and not judge. I want to be the social girl I used to be. I want to be able to forgive like before.

I want to be me.

What is your resolution?



This Is For You.




For all the couples out there, do not forget about your friends. Being too self involved with your pattern will break friendships and you might just become anti-social. Sometimes being too self involved in a relationship might make the breakup much painful than you would expect.

For all the singles out there, do not worry. Many people believe that being single is a bad thing, but I see it as the most amazing part of life. You are allowed to do what ever you want without having or creating drama with a love interest. You get to experience life and learn how to be independent.

I know many people who cannot live without a love interest by their side. To me it is sad, because one day that person will not be there for you. People change and so do feelings, and that is one of the reasons that it is hard for me to interact with someone. Never feel like you should be tied up to one person, because you are worth so much as an individual.



Problems of Young People.


We reach to the teenage years and suddenly our whole lives change. We either become good or bad. We decide what the future holds for us. Life as a teen gets challenging when we enter high school. Either your friends change or you change. High school causes us stress and we do bad and wrong things because of peer pressure. During the three years that I have attended high school, I have never been peer pressured to do drugs, drink, smoke, or party. These things are probably things that you would like to experience. I’m not going to lie, but I would also like to experience these things at least once, because I feel that us teenagers go through phases that our parents will never understand. Our parents think that they are the only ones who have to live with troubles and worries, but so do we. We are constantly being shamed for who we might be. Being judged by multiple people is difficult, because we then start to allow our minds to believe that something is wrong with us.

Something I hate the most is when people say that I am “anti-social” or have an “attitude”. For starters I am not “anti-social”, I am friends with plenty of people who do not go to the same school I do. Second, just because I defend myself does not mean that I have an “attitude”. I am not going to apologize for being picky about who I hang out with, because I do not want to waste my time and energy in developing a friendship with someone who is not worth the time. I am so tired of being hurt by friends and I am pretty sure that many people can relate to this feeling. Do not say hurtful words to someone and not expect that person to say something back even if you may get offended. I do not understand why people think that it is okay to be so hurtful towards an innocent human being for no reason. Our world is already slowly being destroyed by the ignorance of humans, I do not think that we should waste our youth hurting feelings and destroying confidence and happiness.This year in high school, I feel like I am on my own.

The one thing that I hate about myself is that when someone becomes important to me, I am all about them. I love hard and in the end I always manage to get hurt. I know that I have this problem, so I try not to be open and attach myself to anyone. Hopefully I can control this when I become much older and start living life in the real world, but for now this is how I feel.




Oh relationships. They are like knives stabbing your heart. Relationships are something you can have if you are mentally and emotionally fine. If you have so many problems or super busy all the time, I wouldn’t suggest to be in a relationship. Being in a relationship takes a lot of patients and trust, so if you do not have both these qualities then do not hurt yourself in being in a relationship.

Relationships is about being with someone who makes you happy. This person loves to make you smile and loves you for you. It is not someone who enjoys hitting you. It is not someone who does not care about your feelings. It is not someone who abandons you when you are sad. You might think that “play fighting” is “goals”, but it  is not. Play fighting leads to actually fighting, which will soon lead into domestic violence. You should never feel safe in the arms of someone who only loves you in certain periods of the day. You should be with someone who will want you at all times. Being self confident is amazing, but never bring it to the level were you become conceited, because your partner will feel some type of way. Love yourself, but love your partner too.

Having trust in your partner is a must! You should not get upset because your partner has male/female friends. If you know that your partner is the right person for you, then you should not worry. It is okay to have space with your partner, because you will never get bored or tired of your relationship. It is okay to explore by yourself to free the mind. Do not be in a relationship if arguing is the only you do in your relationship. Try and be independent, because not all relationships last.

You should never be with someone who talks to multiple people the way they talk to you. There are many people out there in the world who can see the beauty your partner does not. Second chances are okay, but a third chance? I don’t think so. Have self value. Do not be scared to start all over. Sometimes we have to go through certain relationships to learn how to be in others. Be a risk taker.

Be with someone who enjoys taking you out publicly and with someone who enjoys dates. Hooking up with someone and not defining the relationship will tear you apart. No one should feel like they are being used for pleasure. Be confident and say no. Live your life with friends who love you. Do not drink your nights away to avoid the pain. Stand up for yourself and put an end to the hurt. Do not commit yourself to someone who is not committed to you.

Do not ever feel like no one wants you. Maybe you have not met the one who is meant for you. Be patient and stay happy, because good things will come. Be prepared for the best and stay around positive vibes.




Self Love.

Self love is probably one of the hardest things we go through, especially women. Society teaches us that it is a must to be skinny and having a thigh gap is supposed to be great. We as women have to be around the weight of one twenty and have hardcore abs. We are supposed eat less and exercise more. Now society is telling us that it is okay to be plus size. Ashley Graham is considered a plus size model, but most of the women have bodies like Ashley Graham. If society was okay with women who are not skinny and weigh one twenty, then why do none of the runway shows show diversity. No haute couture fashion show has ever had models with different types of bodies or different shades of skin. This is why we are mentally brain washed and then choose to harm ourselves, by not eating.

My best friend is such an amazing person and sometimes I feel that she does not know how great of a person she is. She likes to complain about how she is flat chested and has no butt. I know that every time she posts a picture on Instagram she feels a little bit better about her physical appearance, as if she was satisfied with herself by the number of likes on a picture. I try to always be the inspirational person I want everyone to see me as, but I can not help her if she does not help herself. She is the type of person that never wants to be alone and always has to talk to a boy.  Right now she is learning how to be independent and teaching herself how to be in love with no one else, but herself.I want her to know that every boy is the same. They all look for these physical qualities that we are unable to give. She has to learn to dress up and wear make up, because she wants to look pretty for herself, not for anyone else. I hope that she will soon start to love her flat chest and her tiny butt, because the only thing I see is a beautiful soul that deserves the world.

I have always had this lack of self confidence. It is sad to say that when I was eight years old I felt so ugly inside and out. I did not care how I looked because I knew that no boy would have a crush on me regardless. This went on for about three years. I soon had to transfer to another school. I was interested in no body in my class and I was fine with that, but one day I made a big mistake that until this day my heart hurts about. I was introduced to one of my best friend’s cousin, who will remain nameless. We became friends over social media and we spoke everyday. There was a point where he had asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I was so in love with the thought of being in love, I said yes. We dated for a year and a month, but this year and a month was no fun. In the beginning of our relationship every thing was sunshine and unicorns, but as our relationship went on, his whole love was different. While I was a seventh grader, he was a sophomore in high school. He started to want more intimate things from me and I always refused. If I did not do as he said, he would get mad and not talk to me until I gave him what he wanted. This relationship had made me so emotionally distraught that I had to break it up. I deleted every thing that had to do with him. I was more upset with myself than I was with him, because I should have realized he was no good for me the moment he told me to stop eating chips or else I would get fat, or he would hint to me that I should get braces because I had a gap, or even the moment when he said that I had huge thighs. His words hurt me. It was like stepping on a shattered mirror. The next year I started talking to a guy, who I never imagine I would actually end up dating. This relationship was bumpy and messy. While he was a freshman in high school I was an eighth grader. At first every thing was dandy, but then he just simply stopped caring. I cared about him, a lot, but he simply just left. He absolutely wanted nothing to do with me. He dropped me in a snap. I was hurt but I just did my own thing. When I was starting my freshman year, I felt that I had to wear make-up everyday, so that I could be just as pretty as the other girls were. I always had trouble trying to maintain my hair, because it was super long. After a few months in school, I felt so ashamed of my physical appearance. No guy was interested in me and no guy even talked to me. I became depressed because while I was feeling ugly I had personal problems that I was going through as well. As soon as I got home, I would go to sleep because I wanted to avoid my feelings and thoughts. There was a point where I had developed a minor crush on this boy. He had no clue who I was or that I even existed. If I said that I would not get excited when he finally noticed me then I would be lying. He texted me and of course I texted back. I am not going to lie, he was pretty awkward to text. I then started to lose myself in him. I was so infatuated with him that I did his homework one time. It was like having a brick wall in my mind that did not allow my conscience through. I soon started to realize that he would never talk to me in school, but he texted me after school everyday. I was upset, but at the time I thought that I was over thinking. It came to a point where he completely shut me out of his life. No talk, no text, nothing. After months of mixed emotions, my best friend told me that this boy confessed to her that he liked her. I do not think I cared about the fact that he liked her, I cared more about how he led this situation, because I am pretty sure he knew I had a thing for him. I felt so disgusted with myself that I hated myself. It is truly insane what a boy can make you feel. For the rest of the year, I did not acknowledge his presence. I did not want to look at him, see him or even breathe the same air as him. This went on for a very long time. Sophomore year came and I do not know what it was but I went to school everyday without make-up. I did not worry about what anyone had to say about my appearance. As the first day of school went by, I was somehow stuck with the boy for two periods for the entire year. As each day went by the boy would try to start small talk, but i would shut him dowm right away and mind my own business. There came a point where he sent me a message on Twitter saying that he was sorry about how things went down. I gladly appreciated his apology, but like any other person I would have liked him to tell me in person because he hurt me real bad. Now we are great friends, even the best of friends, but my point was that instead of being upset with the boy and myself, I should have learned how to love myself before trying to meet new people, especially when I was trying to love someone else other than myself.

I will always have lack of self confidence, because this is the way I have been my entire life, but I know one I will love myself more than I will love anyone else. I will be the first person to host a run way show with many women of all different shapes and sizes. I will make a difference in the world.